Building the Brand

Simply Grace Tots is inspired by our Ghanaian heritage. The brand was created to share this heritage rich in history with our British born children, and the world.


It’s not unusual to see bold and vibrant prints in traditional African clothing. However, on the arrival of a new addition to our family we noticed that more often than not these prints were generally applied to stiff and coarse materials that were far too harsh for the skin of a new born baby. We wanted to create a brand that would combine our love for our heritage with our new found love for adorable on trend kids clothing. By applying meaningful shapes, symbols and vibrant colours to soft breathable fabrics we have achieved all we set out to and more.

Underpinning our fabric are the Adinkra symbols. From its textile roots, these symbols have become national heritage intertwined in everyday life – they can be found on walls, pottery, jewellery and many more.

The fabrics we use for our clothing focuses on the bright, bold and colourful backgrounds of what is classified as ‘Kwasiada’ loosely translated as “Sunday best”.


The beauty of our brand is in its simplicity, bold colours and historical roots. We aim to use our brand to stimulate cultural curiosity across all ages.