Like a mother looking back at their child
Whose face lights up with a radiant smile
We lead the way for the ones to come
Teach them how to walk, so they can run
This is simply grace



 Return and get it


Using past experiences to build the future


Tree of God

God’s presence



There is rest under the shade of the tree
Where we are protected and can be free
If in the presence of the Creator we stay
Then mercies are renewed every single day
This is simply grace


Except God


If not for the love of one above
Where would we be
How would we know love?
In Him we are found
And made to abound
This is simply grace


When the path feels long and strength begins to fade 
Heaven sends grace for another day 
Believe that the light will see you through 
And the power of God is here for you 
This is simply grace



By  God’s grace

Faith and trust in God

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Simply Grace Tots - Fashion for children, connected to our ghanaian heritage. Patterns with positive Adinkra symbology and bright colours. Ghanaian inspired children's fashion

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